Barry Lyons

Barry Lyons

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Barry is an Agents’ Representative and has extensive experience in building, operating and selling small to medium sized businesses. His career spans both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds and he is well qualified in both the operational and transactional aspects of business.

He has operated businesses for more than 35 years in Melbourne and country Victoria including businesses in the retail, import/export, marketing, hospitality, food and beverage and accommodation industries. Barry has also been very successful in the corporate arena having held various senior management positions including the head of management position for Revels, one of the largest fashion footwear companies in London, and overseeing the training for their employees across 92 stores throughout the United Kingdom.

One of Barry’s key strengths as a business consultant and facilitator is his innovative and entrepreneurial problem solving ability. His values of honesty and integrity have also been crucial to his success as a business owner and this continues to be the basis upon which he helps his clients reach their goals. His experience in business consulting spans many industries including retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, transport/automobile industries and franchising (including expanding franchise systems internationally).

His background and experience gained from involvement in hundreds of successful business transactions, along with his commitment to hard work and professionalism, will ensure he is an ideal partner to assist you in achieving your goals.

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