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Nik Ahkin

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New South Wales

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Nikolas Ahkin is a Chartered Accountant with a diverse background in accounting, finance, equity funding and fintechs.

With a career that started with a large national insolvency and restructuring firm to then setting up his own accounting firm, Inflow Financial, Nik has been advising, analysing and valuing privately held companies for well over a decade. Working closely with both early-stage and mature companies to start, scale and exit.

Nik went into his first start-up over 4 years ago, FUNDSITION which was backed by a cornerstone investor, FinClear, a technology and financial market infrastructure company which services wealth and stock broking entities with their platform technology solutions and market access to the ASX. FUNDSITION has its own equity crowd-funding AFS Licence and was engaged on a variety of private placement deals, raising capital for early stage companies. FUNDSITION was successfully merged with a larger corporate finance firm this year, his first personal exit.

Nik is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor with the Exit Planning Institute (EPI) and specialises in business valuation, financial modelling, succession and transition planning. He is passionate about implementing effective exit strategies, navigating the process of buying and selling a business and getting to what he calls the “Ideal Exit”.

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