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Having been successful business brokers for many years, the directors of Bonza have always found that, for the majority of businesses, broker services took too much of the sales price for it to make sense.

We felt disappointed that we could not help, often leaving business owners to try to sell their business on their own, without the know-how and advertising options of a business broker or using the services of a broker.

As a small business owner, wanting to sell, the costs of using a commission broker just didn’t add up. Paying $1000s upfront in marketing fees and $10,000s in commissions can make the whole deal a waste of time, so why bother?

We listened to these frustrations; lack of feedback, lack of visibility, lack of buyer enquiry, lack of a service mentality and large fees. Based on this experience we decided to create Bonza.

A service where all of the heavy lifting is done for you, with updates and reporting in place so you are kept informed throughout. With state of the art advertising across 8 top business listing sites and more, with a professionally produced business profile document, and with buyer enquiry handled quickly and efficiently ensuring that the business is advertised as broadly as possible, buyers receive instant feedback on the enquiries they make, and are given the information they need to proceed as quickly. We qualify, filter and progress your buyers until your sale occurs!

Welcome to Bonza Business & Franchise Sales – designed specifically for small to medium businesses. For owners who wish to sell in a professional manner without the associated high commissions.

With Bonza, you’ll enjoy the full sale service for a fraction of the overpriced market norm, so you get to keep the proceeds of your hard work.

Let us show you how your sale should be handled today.

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