Yiling Tang

Yiling Tang

Qualifications / Credentials

Registered Business Valuer | AIBB
Real Estate Agent (South Australia)


Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB)

About Yiling Tang

Yiling Tang started her career as an ‘Eye Surgeon’ with a Master’s Degree in her homeland China.

After migrating to Australia in 2010 as a skilled migrant, Yiling successfully managed a South Australian Newsagency with Tatts Lotto until 2013 when this business was successfully sold. Yiling has worked for two business brokerage firms for 6 years. It was this experience coupled with Yiling’s ability to communicate fluently in Chinese (Mandarin) and English that motivated her to assist others wishing to own and run their own business in Australia.

Yiling is Australia’s first registered ‘Chinese Business Valuer’ through AIBB. She is also a Registered Land Agent and a MAUS certified business advisor.

Yiling’s qualifications, multicultural background and experience ensure that all clients achieve a genuine global reach at the highest professional level.

Yiling’s awards include:
· SA 6 Monthly Awards 2019 (Ray White)
· South Australia Business Broker of the Year 2018 (AIBB)
· REISA Awards for Excellence Business Broker Finalist 2018 (REISA)
· The Most Difficult Sale Award 2018 (Benchmark Division)
· SA State Chairman Award 2015 (AIBB) for outstanding service and contribution to the Australian Institute of Business Brokers

Yiling’s motto is Match the right people to the right business.



于2010年作为技术移民来到南澳洲后,她在阿德莱德成功地经营了一家彩票杂志店,并于2013年成功售出。她在两个西人生意买卖公司任职6年,目前成立了自己的公司-投资澳洲。正是如此的经历,再加上流利的普通话和英语的能力, 激励着她去帮助那些想在澳洲创业、安居乐业的人。



· 2019年南澳洲6个月销售奖(Ray White)
· 2018 年南澳州最佳生意经纪人奖(澳大利亚生意经纪协会)
· 2018年优秀生意经纪人入围奖(南澳洲不动产协会)
· 2018年最困难生意交易奖(Benchmark行业分部)
· 2015年南澳州主席提名杰出贡献奖 (澳大利亚生意经纪协会)


她的座右铭是 “予人玫瑰,手留余香

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