Digital Health – Software IP

Price: $350,000
Selling the IP to a Digital Pathology Platform.

Key Sale Highlights

Business Overview

Selling the IP to a Digital Pathology Platform that simplifies blood test results for clients, pathology labs and medical professionals.

A comprehensive digital health platform offering automated biomarker analysis, consultation booking, ecommerce for pathology, and tailored client management for medical experts.

Includes a clinical data pipeline, health scoring, tailored meal plans, and a marketplace integrated with Stripe. Deployable in any mainstream cloud environment, it comes with all necessary code, assets, and documentation, designed for ease of use by both professionals and laypersons.

– Unlock immediate entry or amplify your presence in the digital health sector
– AI enabled
– A turnkey solution ready to launched

Key Features & Benefits:
– The health platform addresses a universal challenge: accessing and understanding medical test results, specifically blood tests, which remain primarily a tool for doctors.

– This platform revolutionizes the process by directly receiving pathology results from labs, streamlining the testing, analysis, intervention, and accountability aspects into a singular user experience.

– Upon acquiring the results, the platform employs artificial intelligence to analyze not just individual markers but the collective impact of all markers on human biology.

– This comprehensive analysis culminates in a user-friendly health profile, complete with an understandable score and a detailed breakdown of the results.

– To address identified health issues, the platform proposes intervention strategies, making health management proactive rather than reactive.

– In instances of significant health concerns, the AI prompts the user to seek immediate medical help and facilitates doctor access by providing a digital link to the findings.

– A meal plan engine was in the final stages of development, designed to work alongside the Health AI, suggesting meals based on the individual’s blood test results.

– This meal plan engine was set to streamline the process further by enabling automatic checkout and coordinating food delivery with select suppliers, simplifying dietary adjustments.

– An online marketplace for supplements was also nearing completion, aimed at recommending specific supplements based on the user’s test results, eliminating the confusion often faced in the supplement aisles.

– These features underscore the platform’s dedication to making health information accessible, actionable, and tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

– By integrating these elements, the platform sets a new standard in personal health management, offering clarity and control over one’s health journey.

NOTE: There is no cashflow, and no business that is being sold as a going concern. A complete software platform has been built and is ready to complete and implement. The founders are happy to assist the buyers with this, and are also interested in retaining some equity if possible.

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