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Eco Fairy Cleaning, established in 2020, offers a cleaning service to residential homes

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Business Overview

Based in the popular tourist town of Torquay, Eco Fairy Cleaning, established in 2020, offers a cleaning service to residential homes and commercial businesses using natural and chemical-free products with superior results. Within three years of operation, the business has grown substantially, producing comfortable six-figure returns under management.

Eco Fairy Cleaning specialises in using natural, environmentally friendly, and chemical-free cleaning agents for residential homes and commercial properties. The business has grown a portfolio of more than 40 residential clients, a partnership with four of Torquay’s largest local real estate agents and has the potential to grow the business to a larger scale.

The business is owner operated and, due to demand for its service now employs more than 25 cleaners and a full-time manager to help maintain the optimal operation of the business. The owner of the business is responsible for all oversight of the business and administrative duties.

The key features of the business are:

• Environmentally friendly and chemical-free cleaning service.

• Known for their extensive cleaning capabilities.

• Trustworthy ad reliable cleaning staff.

• Great communication with clients.

• Flexible with the clients to meet their needs.

• Residential and commercial services offered.

• Operate with a team of 25 employees.

• Business is run under management and is responsible for all staff oversite.

What makes this business successful?

The quality of the cleaning the business has achieved by utilising eco-friendly cleaning agents far surpassed the results of other professional cleaning services. This level of cleaning quality has resulted in numerous 5-star reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, catapulting Eco Fairy Cleaning to substantial success.

Eco Fairy Cleaning primarily cleans local properties and businesses. However, the business’s reputation has also attracted the patronage of clients from the Ceres and Highton areas. The business is focused on health-conscious clients who want a superior cleaning service that doesn’t come at the risk of exposure to nasty or unnatural chemicals. The business’ commercial clients share this desire and include Osteopaths, day spas, hotels/resorts, gyms, and yoga studios.

The staff at Eco Fairy Cleaning include 25 casual team members who are responsible for performing all cleaning duties. The business has one full-time manager whose responsibilities include staff management and coordination, maintaining quality standards for cleaning, recruiting and training new staff, ensuring cleaning equipment is maintained, and ensuring team members keep true to Eco Fairy Cleaning values.

There is an opportunity to grow the business further by increasing the client list, tendering to government and commercial properties, and expanding the location in which the business operates.

If you are looking for an established cleaning business with a great team of staff and the ability to run under management, please enquire now.

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Price: $230,000 + S.A.V.

Finn Business Sales
Geelong and South West Victoria
(03) 5259 9970

Broker: Laurie Farrell
0418 339 230

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