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Hire Business 11.5km + construction with resi small & volume builder & government jobs

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15 years in South East Qld has afforded a great connection with numerous both small and volume builders as well as their major contractors. The owner has established a superb network that will be introduced as part of any training and hand over to the new owner.
The business operates both fence construction and the ever-increasing temporary fence hire. Two income streams that often complement each other.
Clients include government departments with existing and new infrastructure works such as roadside koala fencing and rail corridor fencing. Additionally, there is work with numerous builders requiring either construction or to secure their work sites or provide safety fencing for a pool while other construction is carried out. Residential customers also can find the business on its recently renovated website.
Construction work covers all fencing styles including timber, metal and glass. As required all fencing complies with Australian standards including fully certified pool fencing.
Hire includes the regular mesh fencing used for construction and events as well as fully compliant temporary pool fencing.
Currently operating a single construction team and separate hire team the numerous business connections easily afford an opportunity to expand to multiple construction teams. The owner is rarely on the tools now focusing on managing the teams, client requests and administration.
Having taken the initiative to design their own temporary fencing has enabled super efficiency with a one person team able to deliver and install hire fences utilising a small truck and trailer. This clever thinking ensures the expenses are well below many other fence hire operations requiring more staff and bigger vehicles.
With over 10km of hire fencing and a new website designed to maximise new temporary hire business an opportunity for continual passive income with longer term rentals is obvious.
The owner prides himself on being able to handle all jobs be they hire or construction of any size. Having great industry connections affords the ability to subcontract and so win contracts for larger jobs while keeping wages low at other times.

The business can easily be a million dollar turnover business with current turnover already close to that.
With a net return to the owner approaching 30% of the turnover.
The cost of establishing the hire stock alone is beyond the current asking price. Add to that the vehicles and tools included for both construction and temporary hire make this business superb value.
No skills required with both construction staff and hire staff able to run the current two arms to the business. Ideally suit a person able to relate well to others and seize the opportunity with the key relationships they would be connected to.


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