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Business Overview

For Sale: Established Web Design Business with 20 Years of Experience

Are you looking to acquire a successful and well-established web design business? Look no further! We are pleased to present an incredible opportunity to own a thriving web design business that has been operating since 13 March 2003. With a solid reputation for excellence in coding and creative, unique designs, this business has successfully completed a remarkable 220 websites and served over 90 satisfied customers.

Key Features:
– 20 Years of Experience: This web design business has been at the forefront of the industry for over two decades. With such a long-standing presence, it has built a strong reputation and fostered relationships with clients across various industries.

– Impressive Portfolio: Over the years, this business has successfully completed 220 websites, showcasing its ability to create visually stunning and functional web designs. From e-commerce platforms to corporate websites, this business has delivered exceptional results time and time again.

– Customer Satisfaction: With a highly loyal customer base, this business has served over 90 satisfied clients. The testimonials and positive feedback received reflect the exceptional quality of work and dedication to customer satisfaction.

– Excellence in Coding: The business prides itself on its coding expertise. With a team of experienced developers who stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, the business consistently delivers websites that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and user-friendly.

– Creative and Unique Designs: The team at this web design business possesses a remarkable talent for creating eye-catching designs. Their ability to blend creativity with functionality ensures that every website they create stands out from the competition.

– Hand-drawn Logo: One of the unique features of this business is its hand-drawn logo, depicting a charming ladybug. This whimsical logo adds a personal touch to the brand and helps it stand out in a crowded market.

– Flexible Location: This business can be operated from any location. With the majority of services conducted online and the ability to work from a home-based office, you have the freedom to choose the location that suits you best.

Opportunities for Growth:
– Expand Service Offerings: The business has primarily focused on web design. However, there is ample opportunity to expand into related fields such as graphic design, SEO services, and digital marketing. This would not only broaden the customer base but also increase revenue streams.

– Target New Industries: While the business has catered to a diverse range of clients, there is potential to target specific industries that have not yet been tapped into. Focusing on niche markets can lead to increased visibility and growth opportunities.

– Embrace Social Media: Incorporating a robust social media strategy can significantly enhance the business’s online presence and attract a larger customer base. Engaging with potential clients through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn can help drive brand awareness and generate leads.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a well-established web design business with a strong track record of success. With its impressive portfolio, loyal customer base, and commitment to excellence, this business is perfectly positioned for continued growth and success. Take advantage of this chance to own a web design business that truly stands out from the crowd. Don’t miss out—contact us today to learn more about this incredible opportunity!

Great for a web developer and web designer. Based in Padstow/Bankstown area, nsw. But can be any area.


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