Luxury Holiday Accommodation Rent Roll on the Sunshine Coast

Price: $420,000 (Negotiable)
Holiday Letting Rent Roll

Key Sale Highlights

Business Overview

For Sale: Profitable Short-Stay Accommodation Business in Australia

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity in the real estate industry? Look no further! We are pleased to present this exceptional Short-Stay Accommodation business for sale. With luxury accommodations, exceptional earnings, and a fast growth trajectory, this business offers a lucrative investment for entrepreneurs and investors alike.


1. Luxury Accommodation with Exceptional Earnings:
This business offers luxurious short-stay accommodations in the popular holiday destination of the Sunshine Coast. With a focus on providing premium amenities and outstanding customer service, the business has developed an excellent reputation, resulting in a high commission structure and exceptional earnings.

2. Streamlined Channel Management for Bookings:
The business has state-of-the-art integrated channel management software to streamline the booking process. This allows for seamless management of multiple online platforms, ensuring maximum exposure and a steady stream of bookings. With a robust online presence, the business attracts both domestic and international travelers.

3. Data-Driven Pricing:
This business utilizes data-driven pricing strategies to optimize revenue and occupancy rates. By leveraging advanced analytics and market trends, the business can adjust prices in real-time, maximizing profits during high demand periods and attracting guests during low demand seasons.

4. Integrated Booking and Financial Systems:
Efficiency is key in this business, which is why it has integrated booking and financial systems. This allows for seamless management of reservation bookings, payment processing, and financial reporting. The streamlined processes enable the owner to focus on growing the business rather than getting lost in administrative tasks.

5. Supply and Hire Contractors Already in Place:
The business has established relationships with reliable suppliers and contractors to ensure the smooth operation of the short-stay accommodation properties. From cleaning services to maintenance contractors, everything is already in place, saving you time and effort in managing these crucial aspects of the business.

6. Fast Growth Trajectory:
With exceptional growth since its inception, this short-stay accommodation business is poised for continued growth. The increasing popularity of short-stay rentals, coupled with the business’s excellent reputation, provides a solid foundation for expansion into new locations or the addition of more accommodations within existing locations.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own a thriving short-stay accommodation business on the Sunshine Coast. Take advantage of the exceptional earnings, streamlined operations, and substantial growth potential of this luxury accommodation holiday letting rent roll. Contact us today to request further information.


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