Luxury Womens Fashion & Homewares Label – Elsker & Lys

Price: $7,000 + (Negotiable)
Retail, E commerce, online store, fashion and homewares

Key Sale Highlights

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Business Overview

Elsker & Lys is a beautiful luxury Australian owned women’s tran seasonal Fashion Label & Homewares label based currently in Melbourne. We are currently selling the label now as it commenced just during covid in lockdown April 2020 and ceased trading July 2021 but the website is still up and operational which is a huge advantage.
Elsker & Lys will flourish as a brand with a new lift, new face and new owners to grow and expand the brand again to it’s full potential and go down whatever path you desire fashion & or homewares.

This is a bargain price as the Stock on hand itself is valued at $55000 (cost) approx, website worth $7000 and social media accounts ( Instagram) of value with 4200 followers and a shopify database of 1600 plus customers and approx 1000 signed up to our newsletter.
Be part of the online retail revolution with this established business that launched in 2021.

Financials from commencement are available and an online webstore that is already up and running, this is an incredible opportunity to take your business to the next level.

This business offers flexible hours every day and the opportunity to travel to Bali for work sourcing and buying. With the majority of work outsourced, the overheads are extremely low and the business can be successfully operated by just one person.

The sale of the business includes everything you need to get started and be up and running in no time at all. The website, social media accounts, as well as the stock in perfect condition, factory introduction and more are included with the sale. With this business, you can make your dream of owning a retail store a reality. A new collection of patterns and print design is ready at the fatory and awaiting to go into production with prints designed specifically tot he brand by Briana Thompson-all patterns included for a range of approx 30 styles.
This business operates from several locations, including online, home based and mobile. This gives you the ability to be flexible and make more money by reaching a larger customer base. You can easily tend to customers located in any part of the world, giving you the freedom to run your business from anywhere you choose.
With this business, you’ll be able to create the perfect retail experience and generate a healthy return on your investment. You’ll be able to operate and take on ownership of the online store and customize it to fit your needs, to then blend in with the online retail industry at ease. This is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door of the retail fashion world.
You can easily manage the business on your own, as it requires minimal effort and outsourcing social media and advertising is how the business has been set up. The majority of the work can be outsourced althought if busy with online orders a casual hand of assistance is required, plus you’ll be able to utilize the latest technology and tools to help make your business even more efficient.

All stock is included, and a low overhead platform, this is the perfect business opportunity for you. Don’t miss out – buy this business today and make your dreams of owning a retail e commerce business become a reality. Love to travel to Bali in Seminyak- well this is the perfect business for you!!! All travel is deductible on the business trips/holidays and one to enjoy!

Assets and what is provided with the sale:
– Stock – Staple item leather jackets, shirt dresses – staple pieces, leather travel bags and more.
– Professionally developed website and shopify login and ownership of database & store.
– Ownership of social media accounts Instagram and Pinterest.
– All photo shoots of stock. Fashion, bags, leather jackets, dresses etc. Via dropbox- Suppliers and manufactures details. Very professional and confidential.
– Google campains and traffic already set up and can be provided.
– Highly profitable stock, Mix of fashion and some pendants and small amount of chairs.
– Email accounts


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