Popular Chain of Premium Pizza With 4 Stores

Price: $800,000 + Stock
Four Pizza Stores Spread Across a NSW Metropolitan Area

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Business Overview

The business on offer is a family-owned-and-operated pizza chain that serves authentic Italian pizzas, pasta, parma and ribs. It has been operating only since 2022 but has quickly gained a good following of loyal customers that enable it to benefit from consistent revenue. The business has secured four idyllic locations in a regional metropolitan area in New South Wales where it has become a popular establishment for premium, gourmet pizzas.

Word-of-mouth has been a tremendous tool for the business to attract new customers. Moreover, satisfied customers have also provided tremendous reviews, resulting in high ratings on Google for each of its four stores. As such, the business is prominently featured on Google for customers looking for dining options in the area.

Operating the business is one full-time owner-operator who works across all four locations. He is supported by a group manager/head chef who supervises each store. Overall, each store employs one supervisor and shares approximately 20 casuals. A payroll and accounts manager and her assistant provide back-end support.

Strategically positioned across the metropolitan area, the business has no competition at two of its locations. The other two have some form of competition but are able to maintain an excellent standing in the competitive market due to their appeal as family-owned operations. Further expansion may be achieved by the business with minimal capital expenditure due to its setup as a chain of restaurants.

Currently, each store operates only from 4:00 pm until the evening. There is an incredible opportunity for growth-minded new owners to boost revenue by extending operating hours to include lunchtime trade.

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