Rural Qld – Successful bannered grocery store + building

A very rare opportunity presents itself

Key Sale Highlights

Business Overview

The inclusion of a residential property as part of the offer (in the same town), will make relocation of a family to the town, somewhat less daunting. Operating 5 1/2 days per week, the business operation affords the owners the type of ‘quality family time’ that is rare in today’s world of grocery retailing.


  • Compelling opportunity – Successful and long-established business – Commercial property – Residential property

  • Outback sea change – from; the city, interstate or international business Visa applicant

  • Independently operated since 1948

  • Bannered with major brand store since the early 2000’s

  • Business profitability is in growth with the 2020/21 year showing a 29% increase on the previous year (PEBITDA)

  • Staff retention has been excellent over the years

  • All equipment owned and in good condition

A true outback Qld town serving locals, travellers, works camps and homesteads for hundreds of kilometres around. This store is synonymous with this area.

The Commercial property has a has a rental amount allocated with the grocery store as the occupant (you are your own landlord!)

This store has been the heartbeat of this area for more than 60 years. The customers are diverse, ranging from remote communities, outlying properties, cattle stations, mining/oil camps, outback travellers and farms located up to 600k’s away.

The performance of the business is consistent and impressive, with %GM averaging 29% over the last 3-years.


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