Rural Work Safety Business Offering a Unique Lifestyle

Price: $199,000 (Including Stock)
FOR SALE: ESTABLISHED WORK SAFETY BUSINESSEmbark on a transformative journey in 2024

Key Sale Highlights

Business Overview

Embark on a transformative journey in 2024 with the acquisition of this well-established work safety business nestled in the scenic enclave of Kingaroy. Since 2001, this business has not only thrived as a leading supplier of workwear, safety goods, and equipment but presents an enticing opportunity for an owner-operator seeking a serene country escape.

Key Acquisition Highlights:
Dive into the allure of being a Trusted Local Provider. This business, deeply ingrained in the community, has earned both business and trust. As the preferred source for top-quality workwear and safety products, you step into a role as a community pillar with a dedicated and loyal customer base.
Indulge in the diversity of a Comprehensive Product Range. From high-performance workwear to cutting-edge safety equipment, this business caters to the varied needs of clients across diverse industries. Beyond meeting current market demands, the range sets the stage for continued growth, providing the ideal canvas for an owner-operator to shape their business vision.

Experience the tranquility of Stable Revenue Streams. With a proven business model generating an annual revenue of approximately $730,000 and a net profit of circa $40,000, this isn’t just an investment; it’s an invitation to financial stability and profitability. The business’s resilience provides a solid foundation for a seamless transition into the peaceful country lifestyle.

Seize the moment with Opportunities to Grow. The work safety industry is dynamic, and this business is poised for expansion. As an owner-operator, explore avenues such as online sales, strategic partnerships, or regional expansion, and watch your business thrive in the heart of the countryside.

Imagine owning a business that not only aligns with your professional aspirations but also offers the tranquility of a country escape. Beyond the business, immerse yourself in the financial allure-around $150,000 worth of stock adds substance to the opportunity, with a net profit of circa $40,000 enhancing the appeal.

This isn’t just a business acquisition; it’s an invitation to a lifestyle change. A combination of a trusted local presence, a diverse product range, stable revenue, and growth opportunities makes this an enticing investment for an owner-operator seeking both professional success and a fulfilling country life.
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