Thriving 3-year Old E-Commerce Bed Linen Shop

Price: $139,000 + Stock
Thriving 3-year Old E-Commerce Luxurious and Sustainable Bed Linen Business

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Sustainable, Luxurious & Durable Bed Linen Niche are the right words for this Exceptional Business Opportunity

Established in 2021, This E-Commerce Business shows an interesting investment opportunity as a thriving E-Commerce store, with a very strong domain, unique and growing market focusing on brand sustainable and eco-friendly products. The bed linen products have a rating of 4.5/5. With our reliable supplier and outsourced fulfillment center in Berlin, we can ensure efficient operations and timely delivery.

Over the course of its 3 years journey, the business has consistently witnessed a robust growth trajectory, both in terms of revenue and customer base.
Generating a remarkable USD $743K in total Sales, $555K Sales TTM and 89K TTM Net profit. This business exemplifies thriving and profitable.

With such strong financial performance, it promises a robust return on investment, making it a compelling choice for any discerning investor. Delivering impressive results throughout the years with a 4.5* review rating out of 5, we take pride in our 14.65% returning customers who are loyal and genuinely happy with their high-quality Bed Linen Products. Our reach extends across platforms like Meta, Google Ads, and Email Marketing. With durable and high-quality products, our business has generated a loyal target audience, establishing itself as a trusted go-to choice for those that prioritize quality, sustainability and product lifetime for themselves and others.

This business offers a compelling combination of financial stability and potential for future growth. This business also thrives on the basis of its niche market of sustainable bed linen, which is set to grow at stable rates over the years. Due to our strong marketing strategies, the business has the right fundamentals with products & marketing to grow massively further from the stability we are currently experiencing.

This business has successfully positioned itself as a trusted deliverer of luxurious, sustainable and durable bed linen products. As the new owner, you will be acquiring a business with a solid foundation, a reputable brand and a loyal and continually growing customer base.

With this niche growing & the relatively small product catalog, increasing marketing channels & budgets, working together with affiliates & focusing on B2B channels.

A dedicated Marketer Manager & E-Commerce Manager could stay on for a new owner if he/she wishes.


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