Trukshift Australia

Price: $499,000
Consistent profitability of $200k plus returns as an owner operated business.

Key Sale Highlights

Business Overview

A thriving force in the commercial vehicle transportation industry, Trukshift Australia produces consistent profitability of $200k plus returns as an owner operated business working 40 hours per week. Trukshift Australia maintains a dedicated team of casual driving staff, each well-versed in their respective roles for relocating client vehicles.

Trukshift Australia is dedicated to efficiently and securely relocating commercial vehicles from Point “A” to Point “B” by utilizing their skilled drivers who physically drive the clients vehicle from its pick up to drop off point. Their comprehensive services cater to diverse transportation requirements, seamlessly managing transfers from vendors to customers, auction groups to vendors, and end users to vendors, among various other scenarios. The entire process is meticulously organized, ensuring timely and dependable delivery as a core commitment.

The Key Features

– Established Profitability

– Reliable and Efficient Vehicle Relocation Services

– Hands-on Owner Involvement

– Dedicated Casual Driving Staff

– Expertise in Commercial Vehicle Logistics

The Keys to success

Trukshift Australia’s success lies in its unwavering commitment to reliability and efficiency. With a hands-on owner overseeing day-to-day operations, the business ensures that promises are made and consistently delivered. Their extensive experience and tailored approach to each client’s unique needs have solidified their position as a trusted partner in the commercial vehicle transportation industry.

Trukshift Australia wide-ranging clientele, spans from buyers and sellers to retailers, dealerships, wholesalers, auction groups, agricultural/farming enterprises, and repo agents. Each client group entrusts Trukshift Australia with its distinct transportation needs, a testament to its adaptability and expertise.

Trukshift Australia employs a dedicated team of casual driving staff, each proficient. They ensure that vehicles are collected, transported, and delivered securely and on time, adhering to safety guidelines and maintaining vehicle conditions throughout the journey.

With a strong foundation and an established client base, Trukshift Australia is poised for significant growth. There is ample opportunity to expand services by incorporating equipment for flat-towing un-drivable vehicles and equipment. Additionally, acquiring trucks and trailers would enable transport of multiple units, equipment, and non-drivable vehicles, further broadening the business’s scope. Introducing a sales team, implementing marketing strategies, and establishing a social media presence present exciting avenues for increased visibility and client acquisition.

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Price: $499,000

Finn Business Sales
Chris Capponi
0466 235 726

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