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Well-established and reputable Management business

Key Sale Highlights

Business Overview

About this Opportunity-

This is an incredible opportunity to acquire a well-established and reputable Management business that forms the core of a suite of complementary services. With a loyal customer base and a proven track record, this business offers a turnkey solution for estimating and executing jobs efficiently, with high-profit margins.

Key Features:

Trade Services Agency:
– Clients can contact to organise an honest quote and reliable tradespeople to complete their job as opposed to ringing around themselves.
– Business comes equipped with an extensive library of past quotes, parts numbers, materials, and estimated labour costs.
– Boasts a comprehensive database of registered tradespeople and service providers, allowing for accurate job estimation and successful project management.

Brand Equity and Recognition:
The business has built strong brand recognition in the marketplace, making it a trusted name in the industry. The new owner will benefit from the existing brand equity to gain a competitive edge from day one.

Database and CRM Software:
– The business holds a valuable and extensive database that includes registered trades’ insurance and qualifications.
– The proprietary CRM software streamlines operations, making it easier to manage and maintain relationships with customers and partners.

High Revenue and Profit Potential:
Currently, the business is operated by a single individual, generating substantial revenue and impressive profit margins. For those seeking to scale, the opportunity to employ staff and invest in marketing can easily expand the business.

One-Stop Solution for Intermediaries:
The business is equipped to tender for insurance work and can serve as the go-to one-stop shop for estate agents and facility managers looking to organise trades for their clients. The company handles all screening, qualifications, and quality control, ensuring a seamless experience for clients.

LeapFrog Start-up Opportunity:
This acquisition offers a leapfrog start-up opportunity, ideal for estimators, trades, and services businesses. It also presents a strategic acquisition opportunity for those in related industries looking to leverage the vast contact list and CRM data to their advantage.

Entities Included:
The sale includes Construction and Equipment entities, established with the view of expanding service offerings. Post-settlement, the new owner can decide whether to maintain these entities or focus solely on the core business.

Due to the partnership in Constructions, this will be wound up through an Administrator at either the end of this quarter or the end of the half financial year. This will also mean there are no legal “come backs” to the name
The Equipment side will be kept as there are multiple assets in this business that are continued in tax deductions, no assets are sold with this sale of the business

Take the Next Step:

If you’re ready to step into the thriving trade and construction sector with a turnkey solution, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Act quickly, and you could capitalise on the existing success of this business and shape its future growth.

To receive detailed information about this opportunity, inquire now and start your journey towards a profitable venture in the trade and construction industry.

Contact DANIEL CALLEGARI for more details:

Email: daniel@expertbusiness.com.au
Phone: 0415 378 434


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