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Electronic Manufacturing Processes, Tullamarine Factory, Including all Equipment

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Wave Invest Pty Ltd is offering for sale, relating to its Breathometer breath-alcohol testing instruments, to include its factory and fittings, vending operation, sales and calibration services, intellectual property, and manufacturing processes.

The company has developed and manufactured a range of public breath-testing instruments, branded Breathometer, for use in licensed venues supplying .050 testing facilities to consuming patrons, a user pays system, instruments operating in licensed venues in three states, NSW, SA & Vic.

The Company remains, as market leader, readily adapting to market change in the sale and consumption of alcohol products in licensed venues, developing and manufacturing its instruments accordingly.

Current research and development relate the programming of each instrument’s digital display screens for promotional purposes and the development of a cashless payment system.

The Breathometer brand has been in public use for 40 years. The company draws its revenue from its sales and calibration services, and from operating and servicing each Breathometer instrument deployed in licensed venues, hotels, licensed clubs, restaurants, boutique bars, wine bars, sports bars.

The Company’s credentials are well founded, having achieved awards from various Agencies and in working with Government in successful campaigns, influencing Road Safety programmes in the prevention of drink-driving, commensurate with a reduction in road trauma.

In the absence of Government determination to provide the consuming public with a means to assess their Breath Alcohol Content, prior to driving, Breathometer has successfully fulfilled that role.

Governments demand that the public should know when they reach the State’s legal limit of .05 without supplying the means to measure one’s BAC yet, striking severe penalties for those who unknowingly exceed the State’s Limit.

Breathometer’s mission: To assist the public to comply with the law.

To remain as market leader, technical criteria are now in the order of a hi-tech phase that the owners would choose not to advance, instead opting for retirement.

It now offers for sale its Tullamarine factory and its Breathometer function to include its manufacturing and research processes, vending operation, sales, and service operations.


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