Vertical Hydroponic Farm (Relocatable)

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Vertical Hydroponic Farm (Relocatable)

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US-made hydroponic farm, inside a purpose-built 40-feet container. The only one in Southern hemisphere. Established Hobart-based business but could be picked up and relocated anywhere.


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This unique agricultural hydroponic farming company (the first of its kind in the Southern hemisphere) grows the highest quality leafy greens, lettuce varieties and herb crops 52 weeks a year, without any consideration of the outside environment or seasons, delivering consistent quality & quantity of produce, utilising fewer ‘food miles’ and without all of the issues of outdoor, soil-based farming.


The farm utlisies the very best hydroponic farming technology from the US, inside a purpose-built 40-foot refrigerated shipping container, that is equivalent to 2.8 acres of traditional growing paddock. The farm is equipped with high-efficiency LED lighting that simulates sunlight and delivers growth-optimized spectrums of red and blue that plants need for photosynthesis and using as little as 19 litres of water a day, 4 times less than the average shower!


Intuitive climate controls automatically respond to air and water sensors to ensure an ideal growing environment. The containers can be monitored and controlled in real-time from any location via a computer or mobile phone. The added advantage is the closed environment keeps out unwanted organisms, pest, vermin, eliminating the need for herbicides or pesticides. It means that 94% of crops are of marketable quality.


There are many crops that we have grown. As well as many different varieties of lettuce, we have grown herbs like Flat leaf parsley, Basil, Coriander, Dill etc. The farm can also grow flowering plants and edible flowers.


We sell to the Hospitality sector: cafes, hotels and restaurants.


The unique thing about this farm is that it can be picked up and shipped anywhere in the world and can be used with 240 or 110 volt electricity. You could place it on top of or beside a Restaurant, School, Super Market.


Business name and website could be sold along with the business.


Negotiations could be made for me to come along and assist with the setup of the farm and equipment.


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