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Price: $540,000 + Stock
Leading charcoal wholesaler to the hospitality industry

Key Sale Highlights

Business Overview

Are you looking to invest in a flourishing niche market within the hospitality sector? Look no further than this well-established wholesaler specialising in the fast-growing BBQ and smoking market. Located in Brisbane, QLD, this business offers a unique opportunity to acquire a company with a stable revenue stream, solid client relationships, and tremendous growth potential.

**Business Overview**

The business has carved out a prominent position in the BBQ and smoking segment. This niche market is experiencing rapid growth, fueled by an increasing interest in outdoor cooking and gourmet BBQ experiences. The business specialises in offering a diverse range of high-quality BBQ charcoal products, catering to a wide variety of customers, from individual enthusiasts to top-tier hospitality establishments.

**Revenue and Clientele**

One of the standout features of The Charcoal Man is its stable revenue stream. The business has secured a loyal customer base, with top clients contributing a significant portion of sales. This reliable income stream ensures financial stability and provides a strong foundation for future growth. The business has cultivated excellent relationships with its clients, ensuring repeat business and consistent demand for its products.

**Product Range**

The business offers an extensive range of BBQ charcoal products, ensuring there is something to meet the needs of all customers. From premium lump charcoal to specially formulated smoking chips, the product range is designed to deliver the best BBQ experience. This diversity in product offerings not only attracts a broad customer base but also provides multiple revenue streams within the same niche market.

**Operational Efficiency and Work-Life Balance**

The operational efficiency of business is a key selling point. The business operates from well-equipped premises in Brisbane, with a lease agreement in place that ensures stability and cost-effectiveness. The current operational setup allows for streamlined processes, reducing overheads and maximizing profitability. Additionally, the business model supports an excellent work-life balance, making it an attractive option for aspiring entrepreneurs or seasoned business owners looking for a new venture.

**Expansion Opportunities**

The business is ripe for further expansion. There are various avenues to explore, including widening the client base to encompass more hospitality establishments, retailers, and online markets. The increasing popularity of BBQ and outdoor cooking presents a golden opportunity to grow the business further. By tapping into new markets and enhancing marketing efforts, there is significant potential to elevate The business to new heights.

**Premises and Lease**

The business operates from a strategically located, well-equipped premises in Brisbane. The lease agreement in place ensures continuity and provides a secure base for operations. The premises are designed to support efficient operations, with ample space for storage and easy access for distribution.


This wholesaler is more than just a business; it’s a gateway to entering a thriving and exciting market. With a stable revenue stream, a diverse product range, and significant growth potential, this business offers an excellent investment opportunity. If you’re ready to take on a successful venture in the hospitality wholesaler industry, this wholesale business is the perfect choice.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to own a profitable business in a booming market. For more information and to arrange a viewing, please contact us today.


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