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Welcome to Austin Auctions, aptly named after its name’s sake, our beloved 1933 Austin 7 vintage car.

Austin Auctions has fast become a popular choice for astute sellers in the Canberra and surrounding regions, who command more than just your average auctioneer.

More than calling out numbers
Auctioneering is far more than simply describing a property and calling for bids.

It is essential that the atmosphere of your auction is relaxed and comfortable for all involved.

At our auctions, buyers are made to feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed with a friendly face and refreshments at the door. Our auction hostess will then take care of bidder registrations, allowing your agent to spend more time speaking with potential buyers before the auction. A relaxed and positive atmosphere is critical for a great auction, and that is what we do best.

Once the stage is set, our highly skilled auctioneer calls a world class auction and negotiates every last dollar for you. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything possible has been done to ensure you received a great result.

We believe
– Auctions are exciting but don’t have to be dramatic.
– Manipulation shouldn’t be disguised as ‘Sales’.
– We yell at our sports team, but never at bidders.
– Old fashioned service and manners never go out of style.


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Professional auctioneers who call it how it is