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Being a business owner himself, Paul appreciates the challenges that come with business ownership.

He has first hand seen the impact that strategic thought and expert advice can have when it comes to all stages of the business life cycle – whether you are looking to buy a business, improve the value of your existing business, or transition out of the business through succession or sale.

Paul has a very direct approach with his clients and this is one of the many reasons they continue to refer him business and return to him for advice. He provides an external and independent view without the conflict of personal bias or emotion.

Paul has established himself as a business owner adviser and has been working with his self-employed clients for almost a decade to provide holistic solutions to their personal and business needs. As a Financial Planner and Finance Broker, he draws on his varying skillsets and knowledge bases to provide advice that suits their needs and provides strategies to give them the most beneficial and suitable outcome. Paul established Family Business Matters in 2020 to assist his clients with their business purchase and sales requirements.

When Paul is not working, he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors of the South West with his wife Emma, daughter Abigail, son Harrison and dog Taco. Paul has lived in Dunsborough for seven years and is proud to call it home.


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Trusted | Professional | Meaningful