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Achieving Profitable, Professional, Personal & Proven Business Sales Since 1993

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The Hallmark Business Sales Advantage
“Avoid Lost Profits… Time & Money From Using The Incorrect Business Brokerage Service.”

Hallmark Business Sales has a solid reputation for supplying profitable, professional and personal business brokering services to people buying and selling businesses since 1993.

To date, we have sold and found businesses to buy in many industries sectors and professions.

From corporates to chemical manufacturing to online retail businesses to wholesalers and food manufacturing to trade services and many other businesses both online and offline.

Why Hallmark Business Sales Exists.
Hallmark Business Sales “why” is to help people and companies avoid costly mistakes when it comes to buying or selling their business. Our tailor made business brokerage service is focused on personal professional service so you can make the sale or acquire a business for the best price on your terms while experiencing maximum return on your investment.

In addition we have what some might call old-fashioned values.

We believe in keeping you appraised at all times, matching the right person to the right business and working with you as opposed to just getting your business listed for sale and you never hearing from us again.

These beliefs and practices have served our clients and us well for over 25 years.

After all, selling your business or buying a business can be a complex negotiation which requires tenacity, professionalism and proven business brokerage experience which many of the larger business brokerage services do not supply.

About The Hallmark Business Sales Team
Directors Peter Gwynne and Joanne Woodbridge and all of Hallmark’s business brokerage team are attracted by a sophisticated working environment, salary-based remuneration and access to internal support staff that include management experts, accountants and digital marketing professionals and services.

Our management approach is unparalleled within the business brokerage industry and enables Hallmark Brokers to provide superior service and outcomes for our clients.

All Hallmark Business Sales brokers are on a salary and profit share scheme (similar to the legal or accounting professions), where everyone on the team is committed to sell your business and supply outstanding service. The benefit of this team based model means there is always more than one person to answer enquiries.

At the same time there is a specific team of brokers attached to your file to provide a focal point of contact. Most brokerage environments insist only the broker who listed a business for sale can sell it. This is a terrible disadvantage to both buyers and sellers as it limits the sharing of knowledge and available opportunities for everyone.

As a business buyer, you can also benefit from the Hallmark team culture as you can talk to any broker in our office about any business opportunity. All brokers and support staff work together on all business sales and are always willing and able to assist you.

Whether you’re considering buying, selling or merging an online retail, wholesale, manufacturing, commercial, industrial or similar business it’s important to get help from a business broker who’s been there and can guide, advise and support you through the entire process from start to finish. Your business is worth a lot to you and we understand this, which is why it is always worth getting a second opinion. In addition, there is a lot to consider before deciding on the right business broker for you.

If you want positive outcomes, the complete personal service from start to finish and 25 years proven experience in helping people and companies buy, sell and merge businesses the Hallmark Business Sales team is here to serve you so it is a profitable, professional and exciting experience.

For additional information about buying, merging or selling your commercial, online retail, wholesale, industrial or manufacturing business in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Northern Rivers, please contact the Hallmark Business Sales team on 0415 887 766


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Achieving Profitable, Professional, Personal & Proven Business Sales Since 1993