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Since inception in 1994, Wollermann Business Brokers has become one of Australia’s leading business brokers.

You have access to experienced business brokers specialising in various types of businesses. These include:

• Automotive and Petrol Stations
• Aged Care Facilities, Child Care Facilities and Play Centres
• Financial Services
• Food / Takeaway
• Franchises
• General Business
• Hair, Beauty, Health and Fitness
• Home based / Internet
• Hospitality
• Hotels and Bottle Shops
• Import / Wholesale / Distribution
• Legal Practices
• Licensed Post Offices
• Manufacturing
• Medical and Allied Health
• Newsagencies
• Rent Rolls and Body Corporates
• Retail
• Services
• Supermarkets
• Tatts Outlets

Together with these specialised fields, you benefit because our company has been marketing a wide range of businesses and property types in metropolitan and country areas of all the eastern states including South Australia and Tasmania.

On the international front, you will benefit from our maintaining strong links with international connections to cope with the ever increasing demand from business migrants.

Our ability to adjust to market trends and provide up to the minute advice on a broad range of business issues will keep you well ahead of the competition!


Our company places great emphasis on professional conduct, quality, and customer service. All team members are expected to uphold and support our mission and values by demonstrating them to those they come in contact with. This is most important to us.

Our Mission

To Provide People with the Ultimate Level of Service
To Constantly Strive to be a Role Model for our Community and Profession Throughout Australia
To Conduct Daily Activities without Compromising our Corporate Values
To Develop a Continuous Learning Team Environment where the Individual’s and Organisation’s Success Becomes ONE

Our Vision

To be the Leading Business Brokers by Selling More Businesses Without Compromise.

Our Core Values

Our core values reflect the manner in which we conduct our business. We must project a professional and sincere image. We are sympathetic to client needs. We conduct ourselves honestly and ethically at all times.


When you are engaging the services of a business broker, there are many different aspects that need to be considered. Selling or acquiring another business is not a simple decision. It demands the creation of a strategic business plan that requires investigation, planning, budgeting, consideration of alternatives and implementation.

You will find that all our brokers have the knowledge, skills, expertise and ability to help you and your business conclude this transaction. As apart of our service you are offered:

Marketing and sale by private treaty, auction or tender
Opinions of market worth
Professionally prepared profiles
Consultation and advice to clients in relation to business and/or property acquisition
Referral to a network of specialist solicitors, accountants and other industry bodies


When selling or acquiring another business, you require an approach that is professional, personalised and proactive in order to reach your objective.

At Wollermann Business Brokers we understand and acknowledge this process through our service and commitment to our clients.

We have created, developed and implemented a service strategy that allows our company and brokers to:

1. Search – We have access to a large database of buyers that are genuine and have the available resources to buy a business.

2. Screen – As an enquiry comes through on your business, our company has a number of procedures in place that establishes a rapport and defines the true nature of the enquiry. These procedures are designed to source a true and genuine buyer.

3. Show – After the enquiry has been screened, the potential purchaser will be asked to sign a confidential waiver to ensure that the information is treated as private and confidential. The potential purchaser will receive a business profile on your business that has been prepared and will be followed up shortly after receiving and reviewing the profile.

4. Sell – As the prospective buyer has been introduced to the business, we now go to work on selling your business to them. We pursue and combat from many different angles to create and form a rapport with the prospective purchaser to understand and help formulate an offer that is presentable and achievable to the vendor and purchaser.

Also, when engaging the services of Wollermann Business Brokers you are getting more than a business broker, you are getting a business partner that will be there from day one to settlement day of your business. This may be short term or long term, but your broker from Wollermann Business Brokers will be there from start to finish in order to achieve your business objective.

You will also get support and guidance from us, as our company has access to a vast referral network of solicitors, lawyers, accountants and financial advisors, to name a few.


Country businesses contact us at Wollermann Business Brokers because they think we are a solid, capable and highly professional city firm with the best people to look after their business interests, and we are. They trust us to do the right thing by them and see us as their best chance of a successful sale. We agree with them. We are honoured that rural businesses choose to come to us.

But we did not get this reputation without hard work. Results are paramount and of course being able to successfully exit business owners from their businesses in country areas has always given us particular satisfaction. It is a rewarding experience. Since inception of the Wollermann organisation in 1994, and the opportunity that presented itself in the Newsagency and Tatts market segments through endorsement by the owners of those businesses, we have assisted a wide range of business spanning a 25 year period.

We look forward to assisting you.


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