Auto Car Parts Dismantler with Uniq

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Auto Car Parts Dismantler with Unique Niche Market selling Parts On Line across Australia

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More About The Business:

This is a well Established small family Dishmantling yard Supplying only Peugeot and Citroen Parts. Business uses a Contractor to Dismantle Cars and Parts are put on Shelves in our Warehouse. Unlike many Wreckers we only Dismantle cars to suit the market we sell to and have a minimun sell Price meaning smaller Parts or Low Value items do not become stored in our Warehouse. Our focus on only Peugeot and Citroen has been very succesful as parts for these cars are often very hard to find We purchased stock of all Peugeot and Citroen parts from another Dismantler last year and since then we have found not many other wreckers persue the Models we sell parts for. At present due to Health issues as well as being at Retirement age I amunable to continue in this business This busijness is Unique in as much we have no problem obtaining orders but have had staff issues and my inability to be there has led to restrictive sales. We as well as a Website use overseas Marketing in the form of Daily placing og Listings on both Facebook and Gumtree by a single worker in Nepal at a very low weekly cost. This Business is already set up and running and does very well however it needs new blood to take it to the next level We have identified 4 very real areas where we could increase sales and believe each area could easily double sales growth but are unable to persue myself due to reasons stated Health and Age but the other more urgent reason is we have to move from our current premises at Lowood past Ipswich in Queensland and te time and resources for me to do at my age and health are beyond what can be done. This Business could be run out of any Large Shed and shed could be a run down shed or upmarket but needs around 200 to 300 square metres of shed space. The current shed is available for purchase from the Landlord if required or Business can be taken to your place if you have a big shed near you. We are basically offering this Business up for sale for half what it is worth mainly due to the shed being required but it is a very good Business and could easily generate more than what we are currently performing. We do have a very good Customer base and have kept prices very reasonable and provided Free Delivery on Parts which on average costs around 15% of sales but we dont need to keep doing this but it does help sales. Website, Pallet Racking, and other Business equipment including Goodwill we are offering at cost as we really would like to see this business keep going and keep growing but time has come to go Cost of Business includes Business Name, Website, Marketing, Utility, Car Trailer, Pallet Racking and all other Business Equipment estimated at $45,000 Cost of Stock would be at Valuation or % of Retail Price whatever we agree on We currently have 2 Full Time Ladies working at the Warehouse a Senior who does 20 hours a week and a Junior doing cleaning, packing etc does 30 hours a week We also use Local Labour to help pack larger item,s Doors, Engines, etc Any Questions please feel free to call me David on 0402 103644 We are in need of a fast sale as we only have 7 weeks left to leave the shed, however shed is for sale if you want a second investment as well. Also I am happy to stay on and provide training for a few weeks if required or longer if agreeable to all parties We are open to offers to Swap or Trade for anything of Value but no Bitcoin please....
For More Details On This Business Please Complete This Form. The Business Will Be Notified And Get Back To You.
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