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Home Based Businesses – Drop Ship Models -National - Operate from anywhere in Australia

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Products And services:

More About The Business:

Home Based – Easily operated by one person from anywhere in Australia- Niche Business

Church Furniture Australia ( www.churchfurnitureaustralia.com.au)

Unique Business as Australia’s only complete specialist supplier of a full range of church furniture. Great potential .No special skills required . Full training and 3 months ongoing support provided .

Background :

The business has been set up because there is no single specialist supplier of all types of church furniture in Australia. There a few companies that sell individual steel framed church chairs as part of a wide range of other products. Also there are only two pew suppliers in Australia One that imports from overseas ( that is very expensive ) and another from Australia that has a limited range
Our business supplies a full range of steel framed chairs with many options including kneelers, logos, book racks, arms etc. We also supply timber pews in solid oak .We are the only ones in Australia using these time tested timber in the manufacturing of pews and other furniture such as Altar Rails, Altars, Pulpits etc We also have an exclusive range of solid oak individual upholstered chairs available with kneelers as an option. Our pricing is highly competitive. We have established suppliers for all our ranges

Drop Ship Model :
All products are paid for upfront progressively Therefore there is no need for large amounts of working capital Everything is made to order so there is no need for storage or to hold stock. Order quantities are generally reasonably substantial with average orders of individual seats in the 150 to 300 range. Similarly the pew orders are normally substantial averaging over 20 units . This business can be operated from anywhere in Australia

Quality Control / Suppliers:
Our suppliers have ISO 9001 quality control standards in place So this ensures that the product will be delivered as required.They have been operating for many years and are substantial exporters They don’t supply any other church chair suppliers in Australia We have written agreements covering this.

Marketing :
We have had SEO performed on the site and created a Google Adwords campaign We have created many blog entries to improve organic search. In addition to this we have created a Facebook Page for the businessI . Should it be required we have a very experienced marketer who knows this business well . He has some significant ideas on how to rapidly develop the business and he would be available to assist Plus we can provide complete data bases for churches, colleges, umiversities etc with names, email addresses, street addresses and phone numbers etc There are over 13,000 standalone churches in Australia plus numerous schools, universities, colleges with chapels
Financial Information :
Whilst the business has only been operating a short period. The turnover has been $149,145 so far with good margins. We area currently a long way ahead in negotiating with clients for purchases amounting to $45,450 . Margins 46.2 % on Selling Price Very low overheads. We are currently receiving a substantial flow of leads

Reason for Sale :
The business owner’s major business has developed so much so that he can no longer spend anytime in operating the business . Therefore he has reluctantly placed the business on the market.

Price : $24.950

Contact :
Call Peter on 07 33699668 to find out more or email me now at service@churchfurnitureaustralia.com.au
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