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Document Management Software Sales/Consulting/Training Business

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Products And services:

More About The Business:

The business was established in 2000 by the two current owners.
The business has always had one focused purpose which is the sales, supply, consulting, configuration and training of end users for electronic document management systems. One owner works approximately 20 hours per week in the business and the other owner works approximately 24 hours per week.
The business has worked with several brands of document management software over the last 22 years and is now primarily focused on one solution as it is considered by the business and its customers to be the most effective, easiest to use and at the cheapest price point. The business has specialised with this multinational product for approximately 10 years. The business is one of the primary resellers of this multinational in the Asia/Pacific region.
The business can sell and supply any solution it chooses but has to date preferred to specialise with the one multinational product.

There are 3 main income streams for the business
New system sales – approximately 20% of revenue
Ongoing subscription revenue – approximately 60% of revenue
Additional client support and consulting – approximately 20% of revenue

Untapped opportunity
The business has been run with lifestyle in mind and has settled into a part time business for the owners over the last 8 years. It was run full time prior to then.
The relationship with have with the software vendor is excellent and we have been recognised as one of their top resellers year on year. They have great resources and an Australian office that support this business for marketing, sales and technical support.
The marketplace for this solution is largely untapped and is typically sold into any type of business with 5 or more staff in the office. There are hundreds of thousands of potential businesses in Australia that could use this solution.
It would be easy to double revenue with 2 people working full time hours.
Our existing clients were sold to use only the basics of the software so there is great scope to add in additional features; services and training. There could be a years’ worth of work in expanding the use and introducing the additional modules and features for existing clients.
Most businesses due to COVID required staff to work from home and will continue to do so (at least part of their time each week). Having an electronic filing system is critical. The product tracks daily usage and customised workflows for staff. This assists our clients with keeping their staff accountable while working in the office or at home.
COVID had a small impact on revenue but we have since bounced back to above pre-pandemic revenue levels.
Our clients are also very loyal because once they are on the platform it is painful for them to leave and set up again with a competitors product.
Detailed business procedures and templates are in place for all aspects of running the business.
The business is a trading name of an Australian Pty Ltd company and only the business is being sold.

Expressions of interest over $1,000,000

For a prospectus, please contact Col Wilson at Rede Accounts on 07 5575 9567 or
For More Details On This Business Please Complete This Form. The Business Will Be Notified And Get Back To You.
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