Drive-Thru Pizza Shop

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Drive Thru Wood Fired Pizza Shop Opportunity

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Are you looking for your ideal business opportunity? This drive-thru pizza shop has been set up with the business owner in mind! This store is easily operated with 2-3 people, keeping staffing costs low while the turn-over potential is high. With a patented wood-fired oven design that ensures the oven temperature is consistent, the bases are always crunchy, and the operation is fool-proof, pizzas can be cooked in 5-7 minutes. This means more pizzas can be made in short time periods, increasing overall revenue potential.


• Low start-up cost • Low operating cost and small staff requirements (2-3 people operation) • 5-7 minute pizza turn-around time, allowing for high volume of orders and high revenue potential • On removable wheels (to lower start-up cost and convenient relocation) • Easy store set up (can be set-up within 24 hours)


2-3 person operation

Products And services:

Designed on removable wheels to reduce the start-up cost (rent is lower for a site than a brick-and-mortar store, and is easier to relocate), this store comes with all equipment needed to start your drive-thru pizza business, including: - Health and safety licensing - Food registration - Drink and food refrigeration - Computer devices and monitors - Wood fired oven - Business brand registration ‘Rapid Red Gum’ is also available for purchase. Within days, this drive-thru store could be set up and functional, with the potential for high revenue and low start-up and operating costs. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing this infrastructure, please reach out via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

More About The Business:

Assets Listing:
*Piazza Wood-fired Pizza Oven with Granite Hearth with Automatic 3kw Electronic Hearth Temperature Control
*Williams Pizza Preparation 710Ltr Fridge
*CyberCool 525Ltr Commercial Upright Display Fridge
*Custom-built Twin Stainless Steel Sink & Kitchen Bench with Cupboard Doors
*25Ltr Dux Hot Water Unit and 240volt Water Pump for mobile water service
*Hand-free hand-wash sink with soap & sanitizer dispensers
*2x VPOS Computer Screens & Cash Drawer / Printer |
*Power Supply – Single Phase 32AMP (all appliances on their own circuits)
*EPA Compliant/Extractor Unit (FANTEC)

Trailer is Tandem 3 tonne chassis with 15inch Wheels,
40mm RHS Powder Coated Steel Frame, Fitted with 50mm EPS Panel | Electronic Emergency Brake System built into trailer | Aluminium Lockable Windows and Door (Bradman’s) | Internal Wiring (240volt + HDMI and Data Cabling) | Full 4x HD Security Cameras operated 24/7 – hardwired to hard drive recorder | Domestic Air Conditioner

Full details available on request

For More Details On This Business Please Complete This Form. The Business Will Be Notified And Get Back To You.
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