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Geelong Waterfront Restaurant Asset Sale and Lease Transfer

Rare opportunity to take over a restaurant space at the Geelong waterfront.
Price: $80,000

Cams Cords Market Leading E-Commerce Store

Invest in a highly profitable marketing leading retailer of paracords, ropes and more!
Price: $520,000 + Stock

Geelong’s Iconic Cafe

An iconic and beloved Geelong institution boasts a unique selling proposition.
Price: $330,000 + Stock


Price: $200,000 + Stock

Access Hairdressing Geelong

Step into success with a thriving 42 sqm salon and an established 13-year reputation.
Price: $139,000 + Stock


Price: $195,000 + Stock


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Ren Skin and Body

Earn 90k plus as an owner operator with Ren Skin and Body.
Price: $69,000 + Stock

Geotest Civil Services

Lucrative acquisition opportunity with a strong client base in the civil services sector.
Price: $795,000 + Stock

2x Existing Coochie Hydrogreen Lawn Care Franchise’s

2x Existing Coochie Hydrogreen Lawn Care Franchise's Available in Geelong Region
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Geelong stands as a vibrant, expanding city with a rich tapestry of economic activity, making it a prime location for your next business move. Known for its deep manufacturing roots, the city now thrives across multiple sectors including education, healthcare, and retail, while preserving its industrial heritage.

Compared to similar regions and cities across Australia, Geelong has had the highest growth across all three major economic indicators of Gross Regional Product (GRP), jobs and employed residents. 

The city boasts key industries like advanced manufacturing, clean technologies and circular economy, research and innovation, service-based industries, creative industries and tourism. 

The local economy also benefits greatly from the education and health services sector, supported by entities like Deakin University and the University Hospital Geelong. Geelong’s waterfront & cultural districts enhance its tourism and hospitality offerings and provide many opportunities for savvy business owners.

At Business Sales, we simplify the journey of buying a business. Our dedicated team is passionate about helping and guiding you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience so you can take the reigns and be your own boss.

Types of businesses for sale in Geelong

Geelong presents a diverse and constantly changing array of business opportunities. Some common types of businesses that are often available for sale include:

  • Cafés, eateries, and restaurants
  • Service-based entities (such as beauty salons and wellness centers)
  • Real estate agencies and rent rolls
  • Online & E-commerce businesses. (Thanks to Geelong Port which helps keep freight costs down)
  • Manufacturing and wholesale businesses
  • Fitness and wellness facilities
  • Hospitality services (including boutique accommodations)
  • Construction and trade services
  • Professional service providers (like accountants and lawyers)

You can view current businesses for sale in Geelong here.

Photo of Geelong VIC
Photo of Geelong VIC

Buying or Selling a Business in Geelong

Buying or selling a business in Geelong can be a complex and time-consuming process. It’s more than just finding your dream business, it’s important to consult with professionals, including brokers and legal advisors, for guidance on legal and financial matters.

Due diligence is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of the business’s financial health and potential for growth. When contemplating buying a business you should consider factors such as location, industry trends, and the competitive environment but the most important thing is how your skills and experience will help you to operate and grow the business.

Geelong has a diverse economy and in recent years has experienced some of the strongest economic growth in Australia and may be the perfect place for your next move. 

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Our unique platform in Australia creates a lively and constantly changing market for buying and selling businesses.

We use innovative technology and professional resources to provide a supportive environment for buyers and sellers and offer access to essential information and tools needed for informed decisions.

Our platform allows buyers and sellers to interact in real-time, with the assurance of authenticity and readiness to transact. You can receive real-time notifications of new listings, discover hidden details about listed businesses, and keep track of your favourite businesses with a watchlist.

  • Get real-time alerts of new listings
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