Dan Levitus

Dan Levitus

About Dan Levitus

Dan is regarded as one of Australia’s leading business agents with a wealth of modern transaction experience in a vast array of industries.

Every business is unique and as such, requires a unique and specialist approach to truly understanding its inherent value, strengths and weaknesses.

Dan has been on all sides of the transaction many times over as a seller, buyer, broker, advisor, and due diligence investigator.

Coupled with VBA’s advanced purpose built infrastructure and systems, Dan brings to the table exceptional commercial skills which allows him to suggest the best strategies and solutions to sellers and buyers in order to achieve a true win/win transaction.

Dan’s history in selling, buying and operating businesses since 2002, has allowed him to develop a special set of commercial skills in law, finance, risk assessment, business development, growth strategy, and psychology.

Above all else Dan knows that great results are a bi product of great process, proven systems, consistency and the ability to execute on a micro and macro level.

Saying that, there always a time in a business sale when the facilitator needs to be agile, and tailor solutions and the selling process to the individual parties. Most importantly, the best selling agents know when to push, and when to be patient.

Dan’s memorable moments

Selling a business at a 670% gain after just 18 months of operation since it’s purchase.

Finding solutions to close a deal that was considered “fallen over” by both sides 15 months after the offer was confirmed.

Dan’s tough lessons:

Buying a business over market value and selling it at a 50% loss.

Saying no to an off market offer and selling the business 2 years later for 1/4 of the offer.

Here at VBA, we know one of the most important aspects of building a successful business is marketing. Aside from selling businesses, Dan oversees the marketing at VBA and oversees the educational content that we share in the market each month.

In his personal time, Dan spends time with his wife Nicole who is a bespoke jewelry designer, and his daughter Ella – a bespoke toddler.

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