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Alt text: Have a business to sell? Business Sales help in selling businesses in Australia.

We exist to empower the flow and progress of small business in Australia.

Small businesses make an important contribution to the Australian economy. They account for the vast majority of the active private businesses in the country and represent a large share of employment and value added.

The Australian economy requires successful progress of small business – keeping small business thriving, progressing, moving and successful. Often this requires a change of ownership, a merge or acquisition. Whatever the case, we’re here to facilitate a smooth and successful transition, so a business can keep thriving into the future. 

At Business Sales, we believe in empowering business owners with opportunities to take their next step, to evolve or contribute in a way that moves them, small business and the Australian economy forward. 

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Serve Honourably

Seek Authenticity

Act Reliably

Learn Fast

Stay Curious

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We don’t currently have any advertised roles but we’ve always got room for hardworking team players – get in touch via LinkedIn or email us at

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