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My career started at the age of 15 in Dublin, a small country town in South Australia where I worked in the family business. Here, I acquired a significant understanding and skillset revolving around the meat industry and running a business in a remote area. In 2010, I made the decision to open my own butcher shop in Adelaide city, which expanded to include 4 more locations before 2015. Over the next 3 years I owned a total of eight butcher shops, one fruit and vegetable store and a X-Lotto agency. Across these, there were almost 50 employees with a turnover in excess of $12 million and I was ultimately voted in the top 50 small business leaders in 2018. Following my invitation to speak at the Northern Economic Leaders luncheon, it was there that I discovered my true passion: sharing my experience and knowledge to businesses who would benefit from it. I decided to turn my focus towards offering advice and trading stories with fellow business owners, providing them with lease negotiations, shop fit outs, advice on staff issues and overall tips for growing their businesses. Thus, I decided to sell the company and attend the University of South Australia where I commenced a double degree in psychology and business to refine my skill set and focus my attention on my new goals. With the knowledge that The Finn Group is one of the largest and well-respected Broker and consultancy companies in Australia, it was an easy decision to join them to further my drive for helping individuals succeed within their own businesses.

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