Davina Lacey

Davina Lacey

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Accredited Business Broker
Licensed Real Estate Agent

About Davina Lacey

Davina is a qualified & accredited Business Broker, Licensed Real Estate Agent, and Business Owner.

She opened her first business in Brisbane in 2017 and quickly grew the business. During this time, she also started selling businesses for colleagues and enjoyed the work. Creating a great outcome for both Seller and Buyer is the most important part of this business to Davina.

As she has owned several businesses and going through the sales process herself, Davina finds she can easily relate to and empathise with business owners during the process.

Davina has helped business owners to successfully sell their businesses and she receives great satisfaction from seeing the sellers moving on to their next stage in life and the buyers commencing their journey into entrepreneurship.

With experience in both Franchise and independent business sales, Davina is the Business Broker for all of your needs.

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