Harley Stibbard

Harley Stibbard

Qualifications / Credentials

Bachelor of Business

About Harley Stibbard

Harley has worked within a number of different businesses in sales, marketing and management roles for over 10 years.

His experience and expertise in business management aids in understanding the ins and outs of what makes a business tick.

Harley is a self-motivated individual who strives for the best for every outcome. He has a strong ability to connect with stakeholders and clients to ensure their needs are met and goals are achieved. With key values of honesty and integrity, Harley’s values aligned with our own, creating a great match for our firm and what we’re trying to achieve.

Having also been on the other side of a business transaction, Harley knows what it takes for a successful business sale. Whilst there are always obstacles and problems to overcome, Harley’s positive attitude and ‘outside of the box approach’ allows him to think strategically to achieve the desired outcome for all parties.

Away from the office, Harley is generally either playing or watching sport, grabbing a coffee at his local cafe or down at the beach with his fiancée Cassie and disobedient dog Phil.

Memorable Moments:​

A key memorable moment in my career was where I helped build a start-up from nothing but a few ideas and an empty space, to a profitable business and successful sale within three years.

Tough Lessons:

After finishing my Bachelor of Business studies and applying my trade in a number of small businesses, I set out to purchase my own. Although being funding ready, the entire buying process proved to be difficult and negotiations with brokers proved to be a nightmare. Unfortunately, I realised the whole business broking industry was broken. Fortunately, I also realised I could be the one who to help with fix it by ensuring every buyer and Vendor I work with gets the service they deserve.

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