Joel Willis

Joel Willis

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Joel is a young gun marketing student at Western Sydney University and has a love for all things digital.

Joel started his sales / marketing career in the B2B space in 2018, and has shown incredible ability in the area of data analysis. Joel is highly ambitious and understands the importance of getting to know the team and the people you work with beyond a phone, piece of paper, and a screen.

Always looking to learn Joel demonstrates that great results are a mix of process and passion. In his personal time, Joel spends his day creating music, swimming at his local beach, and catching up with family & friends with his favorite drink of choice, Coffee!

Joel’s memorable moments​

When starting at Vision it was clear most business owners do not know the true value of their business. After speaking with 20-30 prospects per week, and hearing their ideas on how they thought a sale would look Joel learnt how much value a Business Broker can add to achieving a successful sale.

Joel facilitated and educated one particular client allowing them to see the business from the perspective of the market, and identified some simple yet highly effective strategies to improve the value of the business. 6 months later their business was listed sold for over 80% of their original valuation.

Joel’s tough lessons:

Learning the VBA process from the ground up, has been exciting yet challenging. Joel has had to take theory and turn it into it’s practical application.

“The transparency of the vision team has shown me the power of communication, aligning business goals and planning out my road map to success”

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