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The time-proven truth of the adage “location – location” is well known but sometimes a few extra questions need to be asked for buyers and sellers to get the best possible service.

For example is the agent local and does the team live in town; do they support the school and sporting clubs; do they have a highly visible and accessible office open seven days a week; do they provide specialised property management for permanent rentals and short-term accommodation and can they provide you with on-the-spot face-to-face information and inspections?

There is only one agent in Kalbarri who can honestly state “YES” to all these questions
Ray White Kalbarri.

I am an avid supporter of the Kalbarri community and everything Kalbarri has to offer. I have been a volunteer with the Kalbarri SES Unit since 2010. Nominated for the Peter Keillor Award in 2021 for my SES Service during Cyclone Seroja. Not only can I help rescue you with our great team but I also do their books. I am also the Event Manager for the Kalbarri Australia Day Community Fireworks Show . Kalbarri is a great town and only gets better by the day!

Please take advantage of ALL Ray White Kalbarri and Kalbarri Accommodation Service has to offer simply
Call – (08) 9937 0400 or 0458 663 995

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