Peter Marinovich

Peter Marinovich

Qualifications / Credentials

B.Comm degree in accounting and marketing

About Peter Marinovich

Peter Marinovich has spent 35 years in marketing in Australia and Africa.

He entered the business broking field with Ellis Corporate some 10 years ago after a period in which he owned a marketing and a manufacturing business.

The holder of a B.Comm degree in accounting and marketing, Peter has, over the years, successfully negotiated the sale of businesses in the mining, retail, wholesale, manufacturing and finance sectors as well as the services industry.

Peter is highly self-motivated, tenacious and innovative and, as a former immigrant, is well able to understand the needs of migrants. This, coupled with his accounting and marketing background, his record in achieving successful sales and his previous experience in running his own businesses, has equipped him with all the tools that you need to achieve the win-win the sale of your business.

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