Shweta Tripathi

Shweta Sharma

Qualifications / Credentials

Registered Business Valuer (RBV)


Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB)


2020 AIBB South Australian Chapter Service Award

About Shweta Sharma

With over half a decade of successfully operating Accelerate Business and Franchise Sales in South Australia, Shweta has the knowledge and expertise required to sell and buy local SA businesses. Her deep and detailed understanding of the local market, her international exposure in the corporate world and her multicultural background, puts her in the front seat of the dynamic Australian business market.

Shweta’s background in business spans well over 15 years and includes working with large international companies like General Electric and Optus, both internationally and in Australia, to then owning her own KFC franchise in Adelaide.

Coming from a family who owns a high performing fast-food business, she first hand understands what it takes to operate a busy small business. Having witnessed the business sales process both as a buyer and a seller, Shweta has the key skills to guide others through this process from start to finish.

“The challenges, joys and aspirations of an SMB owner are close to my heart and I am passionate about assisting natives and people moving to our beautiful state, to own their first business and investors growing their portfolios”.

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