Sudip Dhakal

Sudip Dhakal

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Masters Degree in Accounting

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South West Sydney

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Sudip Dhakal brings a wealth of experience to his clients. Having owned multiple successful franchise and independent businesses himself within the hospitality industry throughout the last decade he is highly experienced and understands the needs of his clients.

Prior to becoming a multi business owner, Sudip completed his Masters Degree in Accounting from the University of Southern Queensland in 2011. He then worked as an Accountant for 3 years within CPA firms and more.

Sudip has a solid business sales history with his knowledge & experience to assist business owners and purchasers during the business sale process. He aims to be of high value to his clients and to help them achieve their goals.

– Master’s degree in accounting and business
– Worked as Accountant as well as in real estate industry
– Owned and operate multiple Franchises as well as independent business
– Worked with a few business sales companies and show achievement
– Based on Southwest Sydney
– Has 2 young kids

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