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Take-aways, restaurants and later cafes and car wash cafes have been an integral part of my life since childhood. I learnt the trades of hand cut chips, filleting fish, making burgers, being a barista, being a waiter, being a cook and on top of all that, producing quality and providing excellent customer service. The initial stages were part of the family business, but later became a choice to support my studies or a change of direction in life.

I had various corporate jobs and landed in a regional role in a large coffee franchise. Here I supported franchisees to effectively (and efficiently) run their businesses from reducing cost of goods and wages, marketing their business both from behind the counter and through local area marketing, sampling activities and providing robust business plans. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail was the motto.Though the process, we were able to understand in detail the business and were subsequently able to make the right decisions for the future direction of the business – whether to continue and increase sales and profit, realise that the full potential of the business has been achieved or accept that the business trajectory is not where it needs to be and therefore create an exit plan.

After a while I decided that I could provide this service to a lot of businesses and industries and got my broker’s licence and started servicing NSW in consulting and selling. I co-authored a book titled ‘Show You the Money’, a business KPI handbook given to prospective and current business owners when engaging the consulting services to assist and guide them through their business decisions. Selling at the right price and time was proving to be the decision most business owners were asking for – and I was only too happy to help! After a few years, I was asked to be involved in a start-up and since then I have been involved in five start-ups, but the passion for hospitality remained.

I believe relationships are the cornerstone of any business and creating the open communication channels and informing the vendor and the buyer of the progress of their venture is paramount. Couple this with the vast experience that I bring, I am able to effectively communicate with both parties with authority and insightfulness. I look forward to sharing your business thoughts and plans and obtaining the best possible results for your business.

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