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For my whole working career I have been involved in the retail and hospitality industry, liaising closely with all aspects from junior staff, front of house, manufacturer’s, right through to the CEO of many leading companies. My role has allowed me to work for, with, and alongside all facets of day to day business life. With the objective to achieve and reach desired outcomes and increased productivity for those I have become connected to, and had the pleasure to work with.

For over ten years I have been involved in the hospitality industry specialising with a catering equipment supplier, providing knowledge and leading infrastructure across Australia. I have developed extensive knowledge and training over this period of time dealing with a diverse range of business owners and operators. I have traveled from New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore and Venice inspecting and learning the intricate processes of leading brands of appliances to best suit cafes and restaurants for maximum productivity.

I have owned and operated my own franchise retail business for 13 years prior to hospitality. Allowing myself to draw on my own experiences of customer satisfaction and connection, excellent communication skills, financial productivity, organisation and knowledge of successfully running a small business. I have experienced closely the undertaking of buying and selling a business and have benefited greatly from the process in expanding my knowledge.

I believe that building positive relationships is paramount to achieving clients objectives and goals. I have experienced first hand the daily struggles and operations that cafe and restaurant owners face, and I am passionate and committed to bringing my many skills, extensive knowledge and worldly experience to GSE.

I have always had the work ethic to be at the top of my game, and to provide excellent advice, tuition and persistent hard work until I have achieved what I have set out to do. I believe that knowledge and experience in the field is “key”, and that it is of the utmost importance to have effective processes and strategies in place for a business to run at its most productive, now and for the future.

Personally I believe that it is never too early to have an Exit Strategy in place when owning and operating a business. Not only does this provide lateral thinking for the years to come, but gives you options and flexibility to grow and achieve bigger and brighter goals and achievements.

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