Tom Jolly

Tom Jolly

Qualifications / Credentials

Bachelor of Business, Advanced Diploma of Retail Management, and Diploma of Project Management

About Tom Jolly

Tom has the perfect mix of passion and knowledge to assist your franchise or business broking needs.

In addition to his Bachelor of Business, Advanced Diploma of Retail Management, and Diploma of Project Management, Tom holds 20 years of experience in a wide array of business environments.

He’s no stranger to hard work, building his career and experience by moving up the ladder: first in Store Management, then Regional Management, State Management, and Country General Management.

During this time, he has led within Australian and International Franchise Brands including McDonalds, Bakers Delight, Sumo Salad, and MOS Burger. In these roles, he has honed his skills in building brands, providing board-level strategy, improving operations, coaching small and large sales volume business owners, and has had comprehensive experience in Asian business culture.

Tom’s qualifications, skills, and enthusiasm to constantly strive for a better tomorrow equips him with the best toolkit to be your Business or Franchise Broker. With extensive experience in the franchise sector, he can help franchisors sell their franchises and offer trusted franchise and business consulting. He can also help business owners sell their business, match buyers with their ideal businesses, provide market appraisals, sales readiness reports, exit strategies, operation reviews, due diligence, and business profile documents.

Because of his extensive experience and his proven ability to achieve results, through sales, profit, people, and customer experience, Tom is regularly asked to speak to MBA and Undergraduate Business students at BOND University. He delivers these presentations with great pride and enthusiasm, hoping to impart his years of learned experience and knowledge to the next generation of business leaders.

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