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Experienced, knowledgeable, honest, work acholic, available and keenly interested are the key attributes Paul processes.

Paul is a licensed real estate agent with 35 years of experience who specialises in accommodation property sales. His career has seen him sell a range of different properties including rural, business, residential, investment, and lifestyle as well owning a real estate office in Launceston, he has also worked as a specialised motel broker.

His business expertise and knowledge stems from his many years operating a large variety of business, including food outlets, farms, retail, accommodation and distribution. He has had more than a 100 real estate transactions involving the sale and purchase of his own property portfolio.

Paul’s key strengths are his honesty and openness, strong work ethic, wiliness to go the extra yard and achieve a desired outcome for all concerned. Paul knows Tasmania thoroughly and is passionate about his home state, his many connections are wide and varied.

For vendors a critical advantage Paul can offer is the wide spread web exposure on the most relevant business sites in the country.

If you want to give your business or property a better chance of selling, Paul can help. Likewise, if you are a purchaser, you’ll be looked after by a down to earth and honest individual who knows what it is like to own their own business.

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