Susan Heffernan

Susan Heffernan

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Bachelor of Business | Deakin University
Bachelor of Arts, CHINESE | Deakin University

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Susan is an international entrepreneur who founded and operated a global design and production company from Shanghai, China for more than two decades. Her journey in the design, production, and distribution of furniture, retail displays, and bespoke architectural products has led to a remarkable reputation among leading international retailers and fashion brands.

In addition to her passion for design and production, Susan has expanded her horizons with studies in health sciences, herbal medicine, and organic skincare products. This demonstrates her commitment to overall wellness and quality in all aspects of life.

Susan’s multicultural background and Chinese language skills enable her to connect effectively with sellers and buyers from diverse backgrounds and industries, all of which contribute to her being a versatile and adaptable business broker.

With a strong global network and a comprehensive skill set, Susan can facilitate the most competitive offer for your business. Whether you’re buying or selling, Susan brings a unique blend of expertise and a genuine commitment to your success.

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