Tony Brown

Tony Brown

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B.Ec, CA
Bachelor of Economics
Chartered Accountant
AFSL Authorised Rep

About Tony Brown

Tony’s journey began in ‘Big 4’ accounting. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, Tony moved into commerce, taking several managerial positions overseeing operations in various multinational corporations across a range of industries, from manufacturing and hospitality to primary production.

After over a decade working with a global building products manufacturer, Tony left his position as General Manager to found Supertrac in 1999. Naturally, his corporate experience proved a great fit within the $1M – $100M+ market of business owners and investors. Tony recognised how underserved this segment was, being too small for the fees of larger corporate finance firms, yet too complex for small-scale brokers.

With the business owners in this segment consisting largely of self-made baby boomers soon to retire and cash-in on their life’s work, Tony recognised this was also a demographic who were most in need of direct, to the point and objective insights (“reality checks”) cutting through the sales waffle and propped-up promises of many others within the space. Tony has found this approach critical in overcoming what he sees as an unsettling pattern: how little business owners generally know about how businesses are bought and sold, and the value of their businesses to others.

Tony has personally guided hundreds of business owners, investors and listed companies totalling over $1Bn in business value, through exit and acquisition processes. His impressive track record is a direct result of his unique breadth of experience over more than 35 years, spanning numerous industries and roles from senior management positions in multinational corporations, to corporate finance and accounting.

Tony’s personal quest is to not only assist business owners sell their businesses and investors to buy them, but even more importantly, to educate business owners and professional advisors around the world all about the process of selling their businesses or buying new ones – helping them to make better decisions.

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