Hot Wheels Vending Machines – Let’s Roll!

Price: $150,000 (Including Stock)
Owner-operator of two fully equipped vending machines, rights to prime sites, and systems

Key Sale Highlights

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Business Overview

Attention all entrepreneurs! An incredible opportunity awaits you in the thriving market of Brisbane, Queensland. We are excited to present to you a Hot Wheels Vending business, available for purchase. This business, which operates from various locations, is a fantastic investment opportunity with incredible growth potential.

One of the major highlights of this business is the secured two sites in Brisbane. These prime locations have been strategically chosen to ensure maximum sales. Additionally, this business owner access to coveted exclusive distribution opportunities nationwide. This extensive network guarantees a steady stream of customers and ensures the business’s long-term success.

With an annual projected turnover of $60,000 or more, the financial rewards of this business are simply astounding. This exceptional revenue potential is a testament to the popularity and demand for Hot Wheels products. As a business owner, you can expect not only a high return on investment but also the opportunity for continued growth and expansion.

Speaking of investment, the initial investment for this Hot Wheels Vending business is an unbeatable $150,000 in total. This includes the cost of machines, stock, and the necessary infrastructure to operate seamlessly. This low-cost investment allows for a quick return on investment and provides a solid foundation for profitability.

One of the unique features of this business is the ease of operation. Training will be provided to the buyer, ensuring a smooth transition into ownership. Additionally, one of the significant advantages of this business is that there is no cash handling involved. This eliminates the need for constant cash management, reducing the risk of theft and simplifying day-to-day operations.

Moreover, the machines are strategically positioned in bustling shopping centres across Brisbane. These high-traffic areas guarantee constant exposure to potential customers, enhancing the chances of generating sales. The convenience of these locations ensures that customers can easily access and purchase their favourite Hot Wheels products.

In summary, the Hot Wheels Vending business in Brisbane, Queensland, is an exceptional investment opportunity. With secured sites in Brisbane, access to exclusive distribution opportunities nationwide, a projected annual turnover of $60,000 or more, an unbeatable initial investment of $150,000, and strategic positioning in busy shopping centres, this business is poised for success. Don’t miss out on this chance to own a profitable business in a rapidly growing market. Contact us today to learn more and seize this incredible opportunity!


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