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  • List For 100 Days

  • $199

  • List for 100 Days
    List for 100 Days
  • Months
  • 3
  • 1
  • Standard List Until Sold

  • $399

  • List Until Sold
    List for 100 Days
  • Months
  • 5
  • 1
  • Featured Listing

  • $499

  • Standard List Until Sold
    List for 100 Days
  • + Featured Listing - 3 months
  • 8
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What you get with your listing…

  • Your listing is automatically sent to our long list of registered potential buyers
  • Your listing is optimised to be found in the search engines
  • A comprehensive website search function that allows potential buyers to easily find your business
  • Direct contact details from potential buyers who request further information
  • Completely self-managed simple portal where you can edit and update at any time
  • FREE: Your business will be featured and marketed on our social media platforms for more exposure
  • is highly ranked in the search engines and draws a large number of potential buyers to the website who are looking for your exact business.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should have received an email with your logins and instructions on how to create a new business listing.

If you can't find the email, please check your junk/spam filter.  Please whitelist our email address: to ensure you receive all future emails. 

If you still can't find you logins, please go to our Contact Page and send us as much detail about what you remember when setting up your listing including the email address that you used.  

Login to your portal and choose “My Profile” from the User Actions (top Menu far right-hand side).  Scroll down to the “Business Details” section.  If you have more than one business listed, find the relevant business then click the green “Add Media” button.  Follow the instructions.

Note:   After adding an image you must nominate the image that you want to show as the thumbnail image for your listing.  At the bottom of the Add media page you need to just click which “Picture Number” you want as your thumbnail image.

There are a number of reasons you may not immediately see your listing:

  • Before you listing goes live you need to have added at least one image.  See the FAQ for "How Do I Add, Delete, Update An Image Or Video To My Listing?" for instructions on adding images
  • Most websites these days are cached to allow them to open faster.  This sometimes means that additions to the website may not be viewed immediately. You may need to clear your cache - click here for instructions. 
  • Sometimes you may need to clear you cache a couple of times.  You may also need to wait 24 hours for the cache to be cleared. 
  • If you are still unsure if your listing is live go to your "My Profile" under "User Actions" on the top right hand menu when you are logged into the website.  Scroll down to the "Business Listing" and click on the orange image > View my listing. 

You were sent your login information to your registered email address when you first signed up. 

If you can't see it in your "inbox", please check your junk/spam inbox.  Please whitelist our email address to ensure you receive all future emails. 

If you remember your username then you can simply do a password reset.  See the FAQ  - "I Forgot My Password, How Do I Recover it?"

If you still can't find you logins, please go to our Contact Page and send us as much detail about what you remember when setting up your listing including the email address that you used.  

To start selling your business, simply click on and choose your option. Then just follow the steps: 

To start a listing on you will need the following: 

A valid email address
A valid credit card 

Once your initial business listing is created you will then need: 

Full details of your business - see the FAQ – “What Can I Include In My Listing”
At least one image to add to your listing to take the listing live.

Note to get started to list your business you do not need the full details of your business.  You can go to your listing and keep adding information and updating.  

However, the listing will not go live until at least one image has been added – See Menu – User Actions – “Add Media” 

Also, you have to read and agree the Terms & Conditions before you can proceed. 

No, we are here purely to assist Australian businesses get their business sold.

Yes. All packages are GST inclusive.

We are a fully Australian owned company. You pay in Australian Dollars.

Buyers can contact you by completing basic contact information in the form on the right hand side of your published business listing.  

You will receive an email with the following details of the Buyer: 

Preferred Contact Time

You can then contact the potential buyer by either phone or Email

Yes, you should receive an email notification to your registered email address informing you the listing is live